This 9-year-old girl is nervous for her flu shot but watch her reaction when she sees the needle


Injections might be the scariest part of a trip to the doctor if you needed one so this girl expected for the worse when she had to get an injection. Her over-dramatic reaction could not be more hilarious!

Michaela Goetze hates getting a vaccine shot but she had to get one during a family trip to the doctor.

She was then 9 years old. Michaela was already stressed out with the fact that she had to receive a shot

It certainly did not help when her older brother, Keanu, told her that the shot was going to be more painful than she thought

Even before the doctor injected her, the girl was seen laughing and crying hysterically at the sight of the needle

Trying to make the shot less painful, Michaela covered her eyes with her other hand but when the nurse gave her the shot, she gave the hilarious reaction ever!

Michaela screamed with her mouth wide open but her cheeky siblings only laughed out loud at her over-dramatic reaction!

A few years later, she remains scared at getting an injection. What even funnier is her response at the sight of a needle is still the same!

Watch the full video of Michaela’s funny shot experience here


  1. This poor little girl was right to be scared of vaccines. They are injecting neurological toxins into her body. Everybody should be scared about vaccines. We have a vaccine crisis in this country with over 70 vaccines recommended by the CDC for children before they are 18 years old. Four was enough when I was a kid. What happened?? Oh yea, in 1986 the Federal government made it so you can’t sue pharma vaccine makers over childhood vaccine injuries. Cha Ching Cha Ching. US is the most vaccinated country yet the sickest. Explosion in autoimmune diseases. Vaccine mess with our immune system and mess they do. Educate before you vaccinate.


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