Watch this stunt woman blaze through the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and made it look easy


American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment series which features hundreds of competitors trying their luck to complete various obstacle courses. This spin-off of the popular Japanese television show called ‘Sasuke’ tests the participants physical prowess, agility and speed. In season 8 of the popular competition series there was an extraordinary contender who goes by the name of Jessie Graff.

She was the first woman to complete the entire Stage 1 obstacle course in under 3 minutes. She was the fifth fastest contender to have completed the course and was definitely a crowd favorite. She had incredible stamina and strength which she used to blaze through the various obstacles.

This competition is undoubtedly male dominated so the crowd was cheering extra loud when Jessie stepped up to the block

She hopped across the first obstacle in a flash and proceeded on to the next 

The 33-year-old looked calm and collected throughout the course and she did not let anything faze her 

She moved from one obstacle to another in record time 

It was clear that she was a fan favorite because the crowd kept cheering her on

She took a moment to size up the infamous Spider Jump and landed between the walls impeccably 

She was on fire and the energy of the crowd only intensified as she proceeded to the next obstacles 

She managed to grab on to the wall with her fingertips and pulled herself up onto the platform 

With only 15 seconds left on the clock, it was a race against time to get over the final obstacle and that was the net

Jessie managed to hit the buzzer with a mere 12 seconds on the timer and the crowd went wild!

Even the commentators were ecstatic that she managed to complete the course

Watch her complete the course below and you will know why the people in the crowd was cheering her on:


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