Hilarious moment cheeky boy helps his little brother escape from the crib through a clever trick


As an older sibling, this little boy feels the need to soothe his crying baby brother and that includes helping him to escape the crib!

This mischievous toddler was caught on film when he helped his baby brother escape from the crib.

The brief clip shows the brother picks up a blue plastic stool before he carries it to the crib

The little boy then moves the white rug out of his way and place the stool right next to the crib.

Then, he put the stool inside the crib, next to his little brother Finn

The brother then climbs into the crib and is heard saying: “I’ve got this, Finn!”

The clever boy then demonstrates to his baby brother how to escape the crib by climbing up the blue stool before making his way

As the baby follows his suit, the boy says to him: “You can do it, Finn”

After a moment of struggling, the baby boy is finally out of the crib as the brother helps to pull him out of it

The cheeky pair then celebrate their victory by running out of the nursery!

Watch the mischievous brother helps his baby brother escape from the crib with a clever trick


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