Outrageous moment a 10-month-old baby flies out of a moving van onto a busy street in China


Shocking footage shows a 10-month-old baby flies out of a van in the middle of a busy road in China.

Nearby CCTV captures the moment the baby falls out of a moving white van and tumbling on the road when the minivan makes a left turn.

The van door had not been properly locked during the incident. It also appears that the baby is not securely fastened to a baby seat in the van, causing the infant to fall out of the vehicle

Thankfully, a 50-year-old passerby noticed the helpless baby and walked to the road centre to pick the baby up before any vehicles drove past

The careless parents of the baby only realised that the baby was missing when they stopped in front of a traffic light.

The baby’s mother then was reported to run back to look for her baby and found her child with the passerby

The parents then took the baby to a nearby hospital for a check-up.

Watch the shocking incident here


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