This Vietnamese man can dehusk a coconut in under ten seconds!


There’s nothing quite like sipping on chilled coconut water which has been freshly cut open. The sweet juice is not only refreshing but also extremely beneficial as it is full of vitamins and enzymes.

The only problem is that these fibrous one-seeded drupes can be difficult to break open for the average person. It isn’t a problem for this man from Vietnam however, as he demonstrates in the video below.

Coconuts can be categorized as being a nut, fruit and also seed!

They have thick shells and is covered in a thick fibrous layer of husk

Most people have a hard time using tools to dehusk the coconut and subsequently break it open. Astoundingly, this Vietnamese man can peel the husk off a coconut with his bare hands and in under 10 seconds!

Watch this incredible feat below:


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