Petite woman stuns the crowd by devouring a 55 oz. hamburger in under 3 minutes!


Competitive eating can be considered a sport because serious participants do immense training in order to triumph. It is an activity in which participants compete against each other to consume large quantities of food in a short time period.

Molly Schuyler has been dubbed the ‘Burger Queen’ after her jaw-dropping feat of consuming a 55 oz. burger and a side of fries in 2 minutes and 12 seconds. This specific competition has been dubbed the 55 Challenge because the goal is to finish a stack of 55 oz. of meat on a burger bun, a side of fries as well as a soft drink in under 30 minutes.

Schuyler was competing against three-time champion “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti

Don’t let her looks fool you because she managed to inhale the burger in under three minutes

She beat her previous record of 3 minutes and 27 seconds and in so doing, became the champion of this competition

Watch her devour the mammoth cheeseburger below:


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