Volunteers and army personnel worked tirelessly to free this stranded orca on the beach


An amazing video was filmed which showed more than a dozen people helping a stranded whale in New Zealand.

Beached whales often die due to dehydration or by collapsing under their own weight on shore. Luckily, this orca was saved just in time as volunteers and army personnel worked to get it back into the sea.

The whale was found stuck on Marfells Beach until rescuers from a charity called Project Jonah and a group of army officers managed to move the mammal back into deeper waters

Army personnel were called to help dig a trench in the sand in order to drag the whale back into deeper waters

“We are thrilled to report that the re-float this afternoon was a success and the orca is now swimming freely in deeper waters!!” Project Jonah tweeted

The New Zealand Army added on Twitter saying, “Job well done, awesome teamwork by all involved!” The rescuers received tons of congratulatory messages online for their efforts in saving the beached orca.

Watch their efforts in the footage below:


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