This young boy carries a drum on his back—what happens next is incredible


If you love travelling, you must be familiar with the wide variety of street performances around the world. In Chile, it is common to see many ‘chinchinero’ on the streets.

Chinchineros are urban street performers who play bass-drum and cymbal in which both are carried like a backpack on their back.

A rope attached to their foot works like a pedal for the cymbal while their hands hit the bass drum with two drumsticks, one drumstick in each hand.

This kid is ready to show off his skills

Like the boy in the video, he will play the instrument while dancing and spinning in front of the audience as he hammers percussive rhythms out of his instruments.

It is certainly a unique skill to play both cymbal and bass drum at the same time!

Watch the full performance of this talented boy performing as a chinchinero


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