This lady busker only needs spoons to create a multi-million-viewed song


This lady busker might be the epitome of how you do not need fancy and expensive equipment to show off your talents. For her, several spoons and a bell are more than enough to capture everyone’s interest.

Meet Abby Roach or her famous public persona, “The Spoon Lady”. She is a full-time musician who has travelled to over 48 states in America, recorded albums and featured in “America’s Got Talent”.

If you are familiar with her performance, you will notice how fast she slaps the spoons together and sliding them through her talented fingers like a magic

According to her, the spoons she uses in her performance are antique and they 100 per cent steel spoons.

Here in this video, she performs “Angels in Heaven” on her front porch alongside Chris Rodrigues who plays guitar and percussion. The video has garnered more than 5 million views so far!

Looks like millions of people have been enchanted by her amazing spoon movements and unique music. If you have not watched her performance, watch the full video here



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