Here’s the real reason why a sheep’s coat has to be sheered off every year


Sheep shearing is a process whereby the woolen fleece of a sheep is cut off. An adult sheep will typically be sheared annually and the fleece will then be processed into the textile known as wool.

Almost all sheep need to be sheared in order to live comfortably based on the climate of their country. Their dense fleece will help them stay warm in the chilly wintry months but will be a hindrance during the summer months.

Not only will the sheep be at the risk of experiencing heat stress, a long and bulky fleece will also decrease their mobility.

The sheep will find it hard to move around in their thick fleece as it will get dirty and tangled throughout the year

The best time to shear a sheep is right after the end of winter months. Although they can be sheared anytime of the year, shearers will take into consideration the need for these sheep to stay warm during the chilly winter period.

Some shearers will even shear their sheep twice a year, once during spring and once just at the beginning of fall so that the fur will grow back in time for winter.

Some shearers will shear their sheep twice a year to keep them comfortable 

Watch this expert shear his sheep in no time! The sheep looks so comfortable afterwards:


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