Viral video shows this little boy does all the household chores by himself


It is not a usual sight to see young children take over household chores like cleaning and cooking but sadly, this young child is one of China’s left-behind generation who lost their carefree childhood to tend to household chores.

These children, sometimes as young as toddlers are left behind on their own while their parents off to cities in search of better jobs. Thus, they have to do all the household chores and sometimes, learn how to cook and farm independently.

Like in the video, a young child can be seen boiling potatoes, doing laundry and cooking dumplings. In spite of his tender age, the little boy seems to have gotten used getting all the chores done all by himself

While their parents are out to work, he has to be independent and manage the house and himself. No helpers are there to help him out. Everything has to be done on his own

Like this boy, most of these children whose parents are absent from home, they always look forward to festivals and special days like the New Year since it is one of the few days they can be reunited with their parents and act like a child again.

It is certainly heartbreaking but for this boy, he has no choice but to face the reality.

Watch the full video here of the young boy tending to household chores here 


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