This 3-year-old might be the cutest Taekwondo athlete in the world


Recently, a Taekwondo centre held a white belt inauguration where the learners were required to pass several tests before they could continue to the next level and earn a new belt. Many children took the tests including this adorable 3-year-old boy. 

One of the tests was to successfully break a board and when it was time for the little boy’s turn, all eyes were on him.

The coach proceeded to put a board in front of the boy and instructed him to break it with one leg. The boy then made several attempts to break it but he failed

In spite of failings for a few times, the boy did not give up. He even let out a cute ‘kiai’ when he attacked the board!

Even though he failed for the first several attempts, the boy continued with much perseverance and later, he showed to everyone in the hall that he definitely deserves a white belt

Watch the full video here and see for yourself how this incredibly cute boy passed the test


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