11 struggles that only obese people can relate to


For some overweight and obese people, they have done everything they could to lose weight but as we all know, losing weight is not something you can do overnight. 

Plus, the world can be quite unfair and inconvenient for those who are overweight as these people may not have many chances to do everyday activities like average people can do like riding a bicycle without breaking it, being able to pass through the gap between two poles or sitting on a chair.

In this video, we can see how much overweight and obese people struggle in real life like this lady who finds it difficult to pass through a small terrace 

Or this person here who gets stuck in between the poles unlike other people

This is even tragic! The bicycle wheel breaks after he sits on the back seat

Well, this serves the man right since the ride is only for young children!

These obese people do seem to struggle a lot but it is undeniable that the video is totally hilarious! Nevertheless, do support your obese friends and family member if they are trying to lose some weight.

Watch the funny video here 


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