Twins re-enact the scene from Disney’s Frozen—you wouldn’t believe how good they are


A lot of kids love the animated movie ‘Frozen’ by Disney. They see the main characters, Elsa and Anna as their role model and loved to sing the iconic song, ‘Let it Go’ continuously.

These twins show what it means to be a real fan of the movie. They are so into the movie that they managed to re-enact all the scenes from the movie. They probably have watched it countless of times.

It’s like they are the ones acting in the movie

Though they are still babies and cannot speak properly yet, their actions showed that they are truly huge fans of Frozen. They can act precisely like the characters in the movie.

Watch and see how the twins acted out:

They played the roles of Anna and Elsa pretty well

Unfortunately there’s no third sibling to act as Olaf

Watch and see how the twins acted:


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