Girl performs one-finger push ups—how many of you can do this?


Push up is a great form of exercise. The exercise involves the movement of lowering and raising of the body using your hands.

Push up is a great way to increase our muscle strength. It caters to most of our body especially the arm and shoulder muscles.

Most of us struggle with push ups even when using both of our hands

Some athletes would show of their skills by performing push ups with only one hand. However, this girl would probably beat most guys out there by performing it with only one finger!

Watch how this girl does it with only one finger:

The girl seemed to struggle at first when attempting to lower her body

The sheer will of the girl shows how impressive she is in performing this exercise. It proves that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Sometimes real strength comes from the mind

Whichever methods you choose to exercise always remember to learn the right form and to seek an expert’s guide.


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