People thought that he was wrestling with a crocodile—it turned out this man had other intentions


The late Steve Irwin was famously known as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ from Australia. Many of us were impressed at how he managed to wrestle and subdue crocodiles with his bare hands.

However, in Mosca, Colorado, USA, a man named Jason Macdonald probably has claimed that title for the US division. In a video, he was recorded doing a slacklining while attempting to cross a a pool of water. As he was doing his stunt, he noticed a crocodile beneath him.

Jason was performing his stunt when he noticed a crocodile resting under the water below him

Jason, who was working at Colorado Farm in Mosca noticed something peculiar about the animal. Its legs and tail seemed to be injured probably from a fight with another crocodile. Jason realized that the crocodile needed immediate treatment.

Watch the video of the brave man attempting to save the injured crocodile:

Jason bravely walked on top of the rope attempting to hold the crocodile while keeping his balance

Apparently it was mating season and the crocodile probably lost to its competitor.

The late Steve Irwin would be proud



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