Kids hear mysterious cries from a pipe in their family farm. When the family digs, they find this black creature inside


In September 2017, the daughter of Nick and Marnie Zielinski, the owners of Zed and Co farms in Victoria, Australia was taking a walk in a farm with her best friend when they heard an animal crying.

The cries seemed to be coming from a baby animal that was stuck in one of the farm’s dam.

The girl then asked for her parents’ help to rescue the poor baby animal. Later, a group came to rescue and found a lamb inside the pipe

They called it “Operation Save Lamb”. The group first dug away some of the soil that covered the pipe. Then, they used crowbars to open the pipe

“I can see it … It’s still alive … It’s black,” the children said


However, the pipe was quite difficult to be opened so someone grabbed an angle grinder to cut open a hole that was big enough for the lamb

One of them carefully lifted the lamb out of the pipe headfirst 

Once the lamb had been fully lifted out of the pipe, the children became excited as they could not wait to hold it. Everyone said, “I want to hold it!”

The whole process of rescuing the lamb was captured in a video which was then uploaded to their Facebook page, Zed and Co Freerange Farms.

One Facebook user complimented the children for rescuing the baby animal: “Oh my goodness! Such a lucky little lamby! You guys are a great team I love all the volunteering for first cuddles. So sweet. Hope he survivors [sic] with some TLC. Good work!”

The later named the lamb “Pipe-o” after where it was found

It remains a question of how it got stuck in the pipe in the first place. Hopefully, the lamb will not get stuck in the pipe twice!

Watch the footage of the rescue here


Posted by Zed & Co Freerange Farms on Monday, September 25, 2017


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