A police station in Seoul adopts a stray snowball,18 months later it became….


20 February 2018 in a police station in Siheung City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea a loving and warm-hearted policeman found a little stray white puppy. The pup had an injured leg and along with it’s eyes filled with sorrow and an overall weak appearance, the policeman could not help but to sympathize the stray. He felt compelled to nurse it back to health and so he took the puppy back with him.

The policeman fed it and took care of it. He also took the puppy to the vet and paid for the medical expenses.  However the officer had hoped to find the puppy’s owner or for someone who is willing to adopt it. Fearing that the stray puppy may be killed by other dogs at the animal shelter, he let the puppy stay with him until someone was willing to give it a forever home.

The policeman took the dog home and hoped that the owner or some kind hearted people was willing to adopt it.

A long time passed but the owner never showed up and no one was willing to adopt the puppy. In an incredible turn of events, the policemen at the station decided that they would adopt this stray white puppy. They decided to give it a home and make sure that it is healthy and lead a happy life.

The local residents praised their act and was all for the police’s decision. Thus the puppy happily stayed at the police station. It no longer needed to go around looking for a place to eat and sleep. It had a home now. It would live with these brave men and happily grow up with them.

Time passed in a flash and soon a year and a half had gone by. The little pup has grown exponentially. It is no longer the small and frail puppy it used to be because with the love and care of the policemen, the pup has grown into a healthy adult.

What was once a cute little snowball now resembles a big white polar bear. Despite being rugged and plump with a muscular body, it still has its innocent and playful looks.

18 months later, the little white fur ball has now grown into a muscular dog. With this being said, it still has its harmless and innocent looks.

The policemen had a hard time trying to train the dog for it’s potential in guarding the station. Usually police stations would employ a professional working dog breed to guard their stations. Some of the common breeds include wolf dogs, Malinois , Labradors and other fierce species.

This police station in Gyeonggi-do is very special in that it isn’t a ferocious and brave police dog that stands guard at the entrance of the police station, but instead it’s a simple and honest Great White Bear. It might not look as ‘macho’ as the other fierce dog species but the popularity of this white polar bear is outstanding. It has become the police station’s ‘mascot’.

It is now working by protecting the police station that has been it’s home! Unintentionally it became the station’s ‘mascot’ and all the locals are fond of it.

Because of its welcoming appearance and the fact that it would jump in excitement at the sight of friendly faces, the locals have developed an affinity to the dog. Many of the local residents know the police station via the lovable dog and this in turn increased the popularity of the station as a whole.

It seems as though these policemen’s decision to adopt this stray dog was a right one. Now the stray dog has become part of the station’s family. When they arrive at the station every morning, they have something to look forward to and it is the friendly face of the fur ball who welcomes them.


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