Simon Cowell is being slammed for asking a 17-year-old X Factor contestant to remove her excessive makeup—Fans are furious!


17-year-old Samantha Lavery was saved by a wild card following the knock-out rounds of X Factor’s “Six Chair Challenge”. Now that she’s back on the infamous television music competition, she doesn’t plan on losing her place again and so she prepared herself to sing at a Judge’s House in Malibu.

What she did not expect was Simon Cowell’s request for her to take off her makeup before she sung a note. “Samantha, I wish we had met without what you think is your pop star image,” he said.

Credits: Talent Recap

“With you I think we’ve had a bit of a mask put up. I’d almost like to see you without so much makeup.”

“All I’m saying is I want to peel away the mask. Does that sound bad?” he asked while being completely oblivious to the fact that the other judges, Mel B and Emma Bunton, wore an expression of total shock.


Credits: Talent Recap

With that, the audition was postponed until Samantha was ready to come back and perform in front of the judges without her makeup. When she came back and stood in front of the judges a second-time, she no longer had her full-face of makeup on. “And who are you?” Simon joked with a friendly smile. “You look amazing” he said and the other judges agreed.

Credits: Talent Recap

He did not want there to be any hard feelings so he said “I didn’t say it to be mean. I actually said it because I hadn’t quite connected with you.” Being fresh-faced in front of the judges may have been daunting but that did not seem to phase her as she sang a spine-chilling rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Make it Rain”.

Credits: Talent Recap

The moment she started to sing, it was hugely apparent that the judges were taken aback. They wore an expression of satisfaction because they realize just how much raw talent this girl possessed.

Credits: Talent Recap

Right after the song was over Mel B simply exclaimed “Powerful” followed by Simon letting out an “Oh my God!” and Emma Bunton saying “I could listen to your voice all day long”. The judges applauded her again for her bravery to come out on stage and sing as she did all while being out of her comfort zone.

Needless to say, the judges were very impressed with the huge potential Samantha has but fans of the show are calling Cowell out for his remark which they thought was uncalled for.

Watch her sing her heart out below:


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