Poor dad ordered steaks for his son and told him that he needed to go somewhere. A moment later, his son saw a familiar figure staring at him from the outside and it made him speechless


Fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are extremely popular and remains as one of the top options for many people as it is cheap and tasty. For the majority of people, fast food is almost a staple in their daily diet and not many would regard fast food as a luxury but one netizen does not think the same. 

The netizen named Rocky Wong shared an article on Dcard about his touching experience when he was at a fast food restaurant.

In his article, he wrote about the time he saw a man staring at his child enjoying his meal when he realised that the man could only afford to buy a meal for his child

What touched Rocky’s heart was how happy the father looked to see his child was enjoying the meal although he was obviously intrigued to taste the fast food by judging from his face

The heartbreaking scene reminded Rocky on his childhood. He had lost his mother at a young age. Her mother left his father to raise him and his two younger sisters alone by himself.

Not far from their house was a steakhouse and Rocky wrote on how he used to get jealous of his friends who went to the steakhouse on a regular basis since he and his siblings had never had a chance to eat steak.

Back at the time when he was a young boy, his father did not earn much as he only worked as a construction worker

Rocky who was too young to understand his father’s struggle always asked him to bring him and his sisters to the steakhouse.

One day, he was surprised to hear that his father finally agreed to take them to the restaurant.

He could still remember his father telling him and his sisters: “Today, I will bring you to Family Steak House!”

He was totally happy when his father brought him to the restaurant.

As soon as they arrived at the steakhouse, his father ordered three portions of the cheapest steak and told them that he needed to go to a place for a while and that they should stay at the restaurant until he returned

Rocky then nodded his head and went on to enjoy his steak.

However, when he was enjoying his meal, he saw a familiar figure standing outside the restaurant with a cigarette in his hand, staring at him and his sisters. Then, he realised that it was his father but he quickly brought his index finger to his lips as if telling Rocky to not tell his sisters that he was outside.

At that time, it struck Rocky that his father had money that was only enough to buy steaks for him and his siblings.

Since then, Rocky never asked for his father to buy anything for him ever again

When he was old enough, he began to cook for his family and did all the house chores.

“I think that my father was probably living in guilt since he could not afford to give his children an easy life,” Rocky wrote.

“Now, it is our turn to make you proud and you will never regret the life you had anymore.”

His story quickly went viral on social media and has moved many hearts. Many people commented on his post with one user wrote: “There are things that we only realise when we become adults.”

Another user commented: “Every parent is willing to sacrifice anything for their children.”

Rocky’s story definitely tells us to always appreciate our parents. We will never know what sacrifices they have made to raise us up but Rocky was lucky enough to realise this at such a young age. May his dream to make his father proud become a reality one day.



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