Family members of a deceased man brought his favourite horse to his funeral. The horse’s unexpected action made everyone cry!


Wagner Figueiredo De Lima, 34, died in a tragic accident. His passing left his family members saddened and shocked by his sudden death

Wagner who was a semi-professional cowboy, alongside his trusted steed, Serena, worked in rodeos and their relationship had always been very close.

During Wagner’s funeral, his family members and his brother, Wando, decided to bring Sereno along to attend Wagner’s funeral

But no one expected what would happen during Wagner’s funeral

When Lima’s casket passed by in a van, Sereno knew that his owner, workmate and friend was lying in it. Slowly, he approached the casket.

Then, he gave the casket a sniff and started to cry, whining at the loss of his close friend.

He even laid his head on the coffin

A funeral attendee Kyioshi Abreu told Dodo: “It was a very touching moment. Everyone who heard his cries was saddened by it and cried. Even I could not hold my tears back.”

Wando said that the horse knew that his best friend was no longer with him.

Like everyone else, Sereno cried while sending Wagner to his burial ground

It was very clear that Sereno was in a sad mood as he whined and stomped his feet all the way to the burial ground until Wagner was buried

Does Sereno know what was happening? No one could tell. But everyone knew he must have missed his friend.

Finally, Wando announced that his family would keep Sereno as a remembrance of his brother Wagner


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