Visitors bought tickets to see live penguins—what they found instead made them very angry!


A lot of us would love to see real live penguins face to face. The cute nature of penguins with their adorable bellies and small feet waddling around is too hard to resist. Penguins are mostly found in the Southern Hemisphere, so being able to see them is quite a rare occasion.

Many visitors were pretty excited when a local park in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu, China advertised an exhibition featuring live penguins brought exclusively from the South Pole.

To promote its polar exhibition on the weekend, the speaker stated that “The penguins are exclusively brought from the South Pole to Nantong!”

According to the Shanghaiist, the news spread like wild fire on WeChat and many would expect live penguins to be performing a show.

The weekend finally came around. The crowd is packed with excited kids with their parents. All of them are waiting for a treat — only to be crushed when they found out that the penguins were actually… inflatable toys.

Sometimes hyped news are too good to be true

In case you haven’t noticed, these penguins are from the animated movie ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’. The movie features the penguins which originated from Antarctica, where the South Pole is located. So, technically, the park did not entirely lied.

Visitors even had to pay an entree fee of 20 yuan 

It’s quite obvious they are not excited anymore

 But the kids did find a way to channel their frustration

RIP penguins……

What do you think about this incident?  Have you encountered similar incidents. Please comment here to share with us.


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