Here are 16 DIY’s that will make you want to say “what a great idea!!!”


Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are becoming more and more popular nowadays as many people are starting to recognize the need to re-use and up-cycle their possessions. DIY’s are a great way to produce new items out of your old things!

Although there are tons of amazing DIY ideas out there on the internet, the ones we are about to show you are not one of those. These people have taken DIY a little to far in our opinion but you can see for yourself and decide.

#1 Putting spiky cacti on your dashboard should not be condoned

#2 When your grandmother has too much free time on her hands 

#3 Forget Louboutins, these are the new in-thing 

#4 This gives a whole new meaning to Bum-kin!

#5 Do you want people to think you have a sunroof? Here’s an idea!

#6 Is this supposed to be a trophy of some sort?

#7 Yea, who needs books anyway?

#8 People will think twice about wanting to tail gait this car

#9 Just why?

#10 Wonder why this is catching on

#11 Imagine waking up to this in the middle of the night

#12 This is a monstrosity!

#13 We hope this does not become a trend

#14 If you see it from far away, they look like scales!

#15 Want to feel as though you’re outdoors? We have just the thing!

#16 Hang-in there! Get it?


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