Here are 12 examples of designs that are not only epic failures, but hilariously impractical!


According to Roger Martin who is Dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, design should take into account the idea of ​​integration and the ability to exploit conflicting ideas to create new solutions. Some of the results of such creative design can sometimes be a little bit more than surprising.

Here are some hilarious examples of designs that fail to meet common sense.

1. A toilet with a view 

Credit: Adaams/Reddit

2. Is that The Terminator’s daughter?

Credit: MacrowaveOvens/Imgur

3.  What is the point of cubicles if you have a ceiling like this

Credit: breguet/Imgur

4. How could this have happened?

5. Anyone named Jessica should not bring her family here

6. This will give you nightmares

Credit: inge1/Imgur

7. Who thought this was a good idea?

Credit: danhab99/Reddit

8. Yikes! This family looks like they’ve been hung 

Credit: MahirSaggar/Imgur

9. Typography gone terribly wrong

Credit: lens015/Reddit

10. Some doors are not meant meant to be closed

Credit: nomotiv/Reddit

11. They might want to invest in a smaller car

Credit: lmnopia/Imgur

12. This is not entirely wrong, just unconventional 

Credit: visionarygirl/Reddit


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