Harry Potter-themed cruise is sailing this summer and it will cost you $36,000!


Imagine if you could attend Hogwarts with your friends on a luxurious cruise. Now, Potterheads, you no longer have to use a spell as an American travel company, Barge Ladies is making your magical dream a reality.

This summer, The Barge Ladies is offering a new Harry Potter Magic Cruise down London’s River Thames for Harry Potter fans to live out their fantasies. The six-day cruise can fit up to eight passengers in four rooms which means that you could bring along your witch and wizard family for a Harry Potter-themed cruise!

Dates are available from August 5-11 and 19-25 and the cruise will make stops at multiple filming locations where Harry Potter cast and crews filmed the Harry Potter series including Virginia Water (where Harry first meet Buckbeak), Picket Post Close (the actual location of 4 Privet Drive) and Warner Brothers Studios.

Each cruise will also have six crew members including a gourmet chef who will be in charge of preparing a Hogwarts-styled feast.

There is also an open bar and champagne receptions

If you are excited to spend the summer on this luxurious cruise, we hope you have as many galleons like Harry himself because the cruise is priced at $36,000. However, do not worry since you could split the cost with your other seven friends.

After all, it is a Harry Potter-themed cruise! What is worth more than enjoying a week full of Harry Potter-themed activities with your friends and family?


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