She once took the media spotlight for scoring 17 A’s in Malaysia’s national examination. Now, she finally spills her secrets on how you can improve your study too


She once made headlines around the country for scoring the most 1As in the Malaysian Certificate of Education back in 2004. The Kelantanese-born genius held the record of most 1As scored in Malaysia’s national examination, the Malaysian Certificate of Education or also known as Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

The national examination is equivalent to O-level is taken by all fifth secondary school students in Malaysia with 1A being the highest grade and 9G the lowest at that time.

Now at 30, Amalina Bakri is a surgical trainee at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (UK) and is an aspiring Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon

Due to her incredible achievement in the national examination, Dr. Amalina Bakri was approached by Central Bank of Malaysia who later sponsored her tertiary studies to study medicine in the United Kingdom.

Later, she completed her A-levels in the prestigious Cheltenham Ladies College, a boarding school for girls which is equivalent to the famous all-boys boarding school Eton College

In 2013, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh as a doctor where she also earned Bachelor of Medical Sciences in Pharmacology. She continues to make Malaysia proud with her astounding achievements and success. Some of her best accomplishments are:

  • MPhil / Ph.D., Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (University of Cambridge) 2017
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Medical Clinical Sciences / Graduate Medical Studies (University of Cambridge) 2015
  • Harvard Sub-Internship Program, Gynecology Oncology and Surgical Oncology (Harvard Medical School) 2013
  • Medicine (MBChB) – MD (The University of Edinburgh) 2013
  • BMedSc Pharmacology (Hons) with Industrial Experience (The University of Edinburgh) 2010
  • BMedSc Pharmacology (Hons) (Universiteit Leiden / Leiden University) 2010

Dr. Amalina Bakri remains as Malaysia’s genius sweetheart and an inspiration to many for her notably impressive accomplishments. For those who are wondering how this beauty managed to excel in everything she does, here Dr. Amalina Bakri shares secrets of her success.

According to her, she does not force herself to remember every fact of a subject.

Rather, she likes to make each revision as an enjoyable activity, hence, why she never easily give up even after studying for a long period

“Out of the 10 subjects I learned in school and the extra classes for the remaining subjects, I only had to take tuition classes for Principles of Accounts since I needed to understand the concept of the subject. I did my own revision at home for the other subjects and if I did not understand some concepts about a certain subject, I would see a teacher who could guide me through the concepts,” she said

For those who have a hard time to remember notes and formulas for hardcore subjects, you can try Dr. Amalina’s study tips:

  1. Make simple notes
  2. Draw mind map when revising a new topic
  3. Make keywords
  4. Do a lot of revision for every formula or topic until you are familiar with it
  5. Do revision on regular basis

Apart from the study tips, this stunning doctor also shares her simple tips to stay healthy and fit during her time as a student which you can practice every day to be as successful as her!

  1. Pay full attention in class
  2. Practice positive affirmation
  3. Avoid negative thinking
  4. Avoid consuming fast food and foods which contain preservatives and additives
  5. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks

Above all, hard work always pays off! So, do not forget to strive to work hard towards your goals and start to incorporate these habits into your daily life just like Dr. Amalina

If you would like to get the latest updates about Dr. Amalina, head on to her Twitter at @DrAmalinaBakri where she shares her thoughts, study, and fashion tips!

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