Neglected cat with dirty & unkempt fur gets rescued—he looks incredible after shaving 5lb coat


This poor cat, who was covered with 5 pounds (approx. 2 kg) of dirty, matted fur, was left to live by itself in the basement by its negligent owner. Luckily, the cat’s life had a turnaround when a kindhearted maintenance worker was called upon to fix a utility problem in the basement and happened upon the cat.

When the cat was found in the basement by a maintenance worker, his dirty and unkempt fur was tangled with debris, and he was covered with dirt and dust

Credit: ©Facebook | The Anti-Cruelty Society

The cat’s owner was an elderly man who could not take care of his pet due to some mental issues

Credit: ©Facebook | The Anti-Cruelty Society

Thus, the maintenance worker decided it was best to call the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, Illinois, to come and pick up the kitty.

The elderly man agreed to hand his cat over to the organization, as he was aware he could no longer take care of him

Credit: ©Facebook | The Anti-Cruelty Society

Staff at the animal shelter shaved a whole 5 pounds of fur off the cat’s bony body

Credit: ©Facebook | The Anti-Cruelty Society

Luckily, the Persian was healthy, although he was a bit thin and shaky on his legs because he had been dragging heavy clumps of fur with him for some time. Staff named the cat Sinbad.

Sinbad surprised the staff at the organization, as he was so friendly with humans, despite being neglected for so long.

He soon gained strength after eating properly. Before long, he was able to spring up onto furniture.

He must’ve felt so light minus all that weighty, matted fur!

Now, Sinbad has a new owner, Elliot, who brought the cat home and adores his newly acquired feline friend

Credit: ©Facebook | Elliott Serrano

“He is incredibly social,” said Sinbad’s foster dad. “He loves affection”

Credit: ©Facebook | Elliott Serrano

With all that love and affection, Sinbad needs not look back on his once-dismal state, for he’s now in caring hands

Credit: ©Facebook | Elliott Serrano

Credit: NTD


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