A man married a beautiful wife and lived happily as newlyweds until one shocking reply from the wife made him want to chase her out of their house!


Recently, I finally bought my first house after years of saving up. The first day my wife and I moved into our new house, I could not be prouder to have a place to call our own. I could not wait to start our married life in our new home until my wife said something that almost made me chasing her out of the house

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It all began years ago. I was just an ambitious young man who came from a village. I was 15 years old when I moved to the city to get a decent job. Back then, there was not many job opportunities in my village so I went to the city to earn a living. Thankfully, I managed to secure a job not long after I moved to the city.

After 10 years of working so hard, I now enjoy a much comfortable life with a better job position. I also managed to realise one of my many dreams – buying a house.

Things were going well for me. A few months later, I met my wife. I instantly fell in love with her the first time I saw her.

She was beautiful, sophisticated and soft-spoken, a far cry from most women I met throughout living in the city

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As our relationship grew serious, I decided to introduce my wife to my parents. So, I brought her to my old house in the village where my parents were staying. Luckily, my parents adored my wife and they happily gave their blessing for us to get married.

However, I could not help but to notice how poor my house was. The wooden floor would creak whenever we walked on it and there were some gap holes in some of the walls while the main door hung on it’s hinges at a jaunty angle.

I could not imagine how the old house could defend the cold winter wind blows through the holes on the walls

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At that moment, I just realised that I was too busy with my career that I rarely came back home to visit my parents. I then asked my aging parents to live with me in the city as it would be easier for me to look after them. In spite of me persuading them persistently, my parents insisted to stay in the old house as they did not want to trouble me.

When I returned to the city later, I still could not stop myself from thinking about my old parents in the village. As the only child, I was supposed to take care of them. Plus, my new house had more rooms than we ever needed and my parents could live comfortably in the house.

Since my parents adored my wife, I thought that I should ask her to persuade my parents to stay with us in the city. My parents would say yes if my wife was the one who asked the question. To my surprise, my wife quickly replied “No” when I asked her about letting my parents to stay in our house.

I was incredibly shocked and disappointed with her reply so I told her: “Darling, this house belongs to me. If you do not want my parents to stay with us, you should leave from this house!”

However, it occurred to me that my wife’s refusal to live together with my parents was not because she did not like my parents or that she did not want to take care of them. When I told my close friends about the problem, they were surprised to hear my decision.

Apparently, it was not a good decision for my wife and I to live together with my parents when we just got married. Even though they were my parents, my wife would need some time to adapt and to adjust to married life.

Having in-laws staying together would make it harder for her to adapt to the new phase in her life and I would not want to live with her parents if I were in her shoes as well

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Finally, I understood why my parents insisted to stay in our old house instead of living together with me in the city. They knew that it was for the good of both my wife and I.

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