Chinese firm hands out US$5,000 in CASH for bonuses to each of its 5,000 employees


Do you think what WeChat gave to their employees earlier this year is amazing enough? WeChat was reported to give each of their 2000 employees the latest iPhone model, iPhone X  but what they did was nothing compared to what this company gave to their staffs!

Recently, a steel company in Eastern China has issued bonuses totalling 160 million yuan (US$25.4 million) to its employee in cash.

Fangda Special Steel Technology which is based in Nanchang, Jiangxhi province handed out the bonuses to its staff on Thursday, according to Information Daily.

That amounts to 32,000 yuan (US$ 5,000) for each of the 5,000 employees on February 1

The steel company also offered 3,000 yuan in cash for its employee who are retired and over 60 on Wednesday.

The wads of cash were arranged on the floor and the employees just have to queue for their turn to fill in their bags with cash

However, the bonuses did not include the management team of the company.

The move comes after pictures of piles of cash given as bonuses to staff at another steel firm, part of the same parent company Fangda Group spread like a wild fire on social media in China last week

It is also not the first time the steel firm issued huge bonuses for its staffs. The firm has been giving payouts totalling 600 million yuan (US$ 95,250,000) since 2011.

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