This rosy-cheeked Japanese little girl is the world’s most photogenic child. Her photos will make your day!


An adorable, rosy-cheeked Japanese little girl became an instant internet sensation after a book which features her photos became one of the best selling photo books in Japan. The photos which were taken by photographer Kotori Kawashima shows the 4-year-old little girl’s adventure from her rural Japanese village all the way to her times strolling the street around Paris.

Even though the girl’s name is never revealed, she still manages to catch the attention of many people.

The internet just cannot get enough of this charming girl!

The photo book entitled ‘Mirai-chan’ captures the special moments of the girl as she discovered the world and interpreted the meaning of life through her perspective

According to Kawashima, he was awestruck by the little girl the first moment he saw her.

The Tokyo-based photographer then began photographing the little girl who is also the daughter of his friend

“When I met my friend’s child, I was amazed by this creature. I wanted to take pictures of her after spending time with her during one year”

“She was such into her life, she was not caring about the camera at all!”

Kawashima released the book in 2011 and it quickly became a hit in Japan

The book was originally published in a small print run by a Tokyo gallery.

Since its instant success, the book has been republished several times and it has reportedly sold over 80,000 copies

Thanks to the little girl’s photogenic photos, Kawashima earned himself the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award  the same year it was published

‘Mirai-chan’ which means ‘Little Miss Future’ is not the name of the cute girl.

The girl is believed to be a native of a village in Sado Island, Nigata Prefecture

Her quirky behaviour was well-captured by Kawashima

Kawashima described his amuse as ‘full of life’ and the girl was not shy of camera at all as seen here where she was clearly enjoying her meal and did not mind her photo being taken at all

Along with her rosy cheeks and adorable expressions, the girl was natural in front of Kawashima’s camera lens

When asked why he chose the girl as his photography subject, Kawashima said that he loves the dynamic and carefree personality of the girl

“I think that children are free, it is very interesting to listen to what they say, not boring to watch them, and they are so energetic,” Kawashima explains

He further added: “Everyone has a childish side, so I love to find it in my friends and people I meet for work”

The bob-cut-haired girl is peeking out the window somewhere in Paris

Every photo of the girl turned out incredibly artistic and stunning!

The adorable girl also has a soft spot for cats.

Just look at how much she loves hugging the cat!

Isn’t the girl is truly adorable and captivating? We hope that she will remain adventurous and continue to explore the world in her own way!

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