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Do you have a tiny hole in the corner of your eyelid? It has an amazing function!


If you take a close look at your eyes, you will find a very small hole on the bottom of your eyelids. Have you ever wonder what is it for and why it is located in your inner eyelids?

The little hole which is called lacrimal punctum is actually and completely normal. Every human has two lacrimal puncta in each of their eyes. Just like our hair, skin colour and height, this little hole varies in size from one person to another.

While some people can easily spot the hole in their eyelids, some people find it hard to notice the small hole

Lacrimal punctum is part of our eyes’ guttering and drainage system as it functions to drain the tears in our eyes. If your tear duct starts to produce tears as a result of overjoy, sorrow or as simple as when dust gets into your eyes, the lacrimal punctum will drain these tears into lacrimal sac. Lacrimal sac will later transfer your tears through lacrimal duct into your nose.

Therefore, that is why you get runny nose when your eyes get teary

However, if your eyes tend to get watery most of the time, there is a medical procedure to stop the condition.

It involves placing tiny cylinder-shaped plugs into your lacrimal puncta which will keep your eyes from draining so much tears

The procedure is quick, painless and totally reversible!

In rare cases, the lacrimal punctum can sometimes backfire and reverse the flow where tears, discharge, air and even blood comes out from this tiny hole!

Now, you know how some people can squirt liquid from their eyes!

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