A lady was walking in the woods when she came upon a tree full of ‘bullet holes’ and when she went to investigate…


Have you seen this kind of tree before? A lady went out for a walk in the woods and she came upon a tree full of bullet holes. At first she thought that this might be a historical spot where a war has taken place.

From a distance, the tree looked like it was filled with bullets but when she went closer to investigate, it looked different. The bullet holes she saw turned out to be filled with acorns!

What made the tree look so weird?

The culprit turned out to be a woodpecker that are leaving these weird marks on the tree. This kind of tree is called granary tree.

These woodpeckers are called Acorn Woodpeckers and they drill holes into granary trees to store acorns in them

Each tree would have around 50,000 holes in them and every year they would gather thousands of acorns and jam them into these specially made holes

Apparently, these woodpeckers do not drill the holes and fill them with acorns for fun

The acorns actually help them to make it through the winter where food sources become scarce

Plus, they only target dry woods where their acorns would not rot and stay dry until the winter comes.

Kind-hearted people who knew of the habitat of these wood peckers started to pick up acorns which were on the ground and fill up the holes with them to heal the tree.

As time goes by and the holes got filled up the tree looks like it was full of bullets

So, if you happen to pass a tree that is filled with holes, remember not to pick the acorns out from the holes.

These woodpeckers have been working very hard to collect and store them in the holes!

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