Mom confused when daughter sneaks out of home before school—then she finds out she is doing her daily chore to the horse


This mom couldn’t be happier when she finally discovered her daughter’s cute little secret. Every morning, her girl used to “sneak out” of home to visit a horse for a special reason. The proud mom said, “I love my mornings with these two!”

Tera Rae Fauver owns a horse stable, Break Away Show Horses, in Staunton, Virginia.

She trains horses and manages a team that participates in the American Quarter Horse Association and American Paint Horse Association arenas

Fauver’s young daughter, Alayna, loves to help out at the horse stable that is situated just outside their home.

Not only does Alayna get to ride the horses, but she also gets the chance to compete with the show horses in different events

The little girl enjoys the company of all her horses; however, she has a special bond with one horse named Phantom.

The cute Alayna loves Phantom so much that she never forgets to give her a “secret” surprise every morning

Fauver came to know about Alayna’s secret when she kept “disappearing” every morning before school

One day, the curious mom got the video camera ready and sneaked into the stable to find out what her cute little child was up to.

Fauver saw Alayna inside one of the horse stalls. Peering through the slats, she finally discovered her daughter’s touching routine—every morning the little girl would read her favorite story to her special Phantom.

Alayna’s mom quietly recorded the precious sight of her little daughter standing next to the huge Phantom, all lost in the adorable moment, while reading fairy tales to her favorite horse

Fauver posted the video of this beautiful moment on her Facebook page on Oct. 20, 2017, and it has since garnered many praises and compliments.

“That is soo cute! Love seeing the gentleness in both Horse and daughter with each other!” one Facebook user wrote

While another wrote, “Awe! Super sweet! I swear, Phantom has the coolest face markings ever!!”

“This is the best thing I have seen in a long time!” another added

The mother couldn’t agree more. Fauver replied, “I love my mornings with these two!”

Photo credits: ©Facebook | Tera Rae Fauver

Credit: NTD


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