This clever mother suggests to wring and squeeze diaper before putting it on to your baby


“To all mothers out there, is there any of you do this as well? I wring and squeeze the diaper before putting it on my baby.”

This is what Alang Narzita wrote in a parenting site that has gone wildly viral among mothers who have small children. According to Narzita, she has been doing the same practice for 11 years to since her first child was born until her fourth children who is now a year and nine months old.

It has been a habit of her to gently squeeze disposable diapers before putting them on her children as it can help to ‘soften’ the diaper’s structure which has long been stored in its packaging.

Narzita wrote further that diapers which are squeezed are different than those which are used straight from the packaging.

New diapers that are not squeezed have relatively rougher surfaces and structures compared to the ones that are squeezed beforehand

“You can do this to any brands of disposable diapers. Even though disposable diapers are specifically designed to accommodate baby’s soft and sensitive skin, squeezing them can make the absorbent sheet softer and more wearable for our babies. It is better than a diaper that is not squeezed,” Narzita wrote.

Thanks to her tip, many new parents found the tip to be surprisingly helpful and creative. Some even commented that they have never thought of squeezing the diapers while there were some parents who wrote that they have been doing the same practice when changing their children’s diapers.

There were some parents commented that this tip was not limited to disposable diapers only as it could also be applied to disposable pants.

The reason is to ensure the disposable diaper fits the baby’s bottom better

However, there were some parents who were a bit sceptical with the tip as they afraid that squeezing it might expose the diapers into leaking. Nevertheless, the diapers would never leak after being squeezed as they are super elastic and sturdy but it best to not over squeezing them.

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