10 top Korean stars who use ‘manner hands’ when posing with female celebrities and fans!


South Koreans never short of creative and catchy phrases when it comes to adapting English words into their daily dictionary. Previously, they came up with the phrase ‘Manner Legs’ to describe when a tall celebrity uses wide stance when standing with fellow shorter celebrities. In an industry where height, weight and manners become the main topics that are easily subjected to criticism, it is crucial for the celebrities to always display impeccable public appearance. 

Now, they have come up with another catchy phrase: ‘Manner Hands’! It is used to describe proper and courteous placement of hands. Generally, this refers to male celebrities not touching their female colleagues or fans out of respect when posing for a photo.

While it may be considered rude in the western countries, ‘manner hands’ has received positive responses and great praise from both the media and the netizen communities in South Korea. So, let us find out which top South Korean celebrities use ‘manner hands’!

1. Yoo Jae Suk 

Even top host and celebrity, Yoo Jae Suk used his manner hands while taking a photo with a female fan. No wonder he is one of the most beloved and popular celebrities in South Korea!

2. Kim Hee Chul

Kim Hee Chul’s hand pose looked so natural that we might not notice that he actually used his manner hand!

3. Ji Sung

It is particularly unique in Ji Sung’s case where he used his hand to protect the head of Hwang Jung Eun’s character when she got into a car. Because of his thoughtfulness, Ji Sung received a lot of praises for using his manner hand.

He claims that he began to use his manner hands when he began dating his wife, Lee Bo Young. “It happened when I was trying to score points with my wife,” he explained. “It’s what I did because I didn’t want [her] head to hit the car; I guess you could say it just worked out.”

What a gentleman!

4. Amber f(x)

As one of the few androgynous celebrities in South Korea, Amber did not forget to use her manner hands when posing with members of Girls’ Generation as seen in the photo below.

Watch the video below to find out the whole story about her manner hands!

5. Lee Seung Gi

It was obvious that Lee Seung Gi used his manner hand when posing with his co-star during the press conference for Shining Inheritance. Another gentleman spotted!

6. Super Junior’s Yesung

Even though he is seen here using his manner hand when posing with BoA, they are very close in real life!

7. Siwon

Here in this photo, Siwon gently placed his right hand on the back of the booth while maintaining a close distance to pose for a photo.

8. Changmin

Changmin seemed like to only rest his fingers on actress Lee Yeon Hee’s shoulder. What a cute picture!

9. Kim Jong Kook

This Running Man’s star is well-known for his gentle and weakness when it comes to women. As evident in the photo below, Kim Jong Kook rested his hands on his waist while giving a piggyback ride. Well, that for sure was not easy but he did it!

10. T.O.P.

During the press conference of his movie ‘Commitment’, T.O.P. used his manner hand when posing with his co-star Kim Yoo Jung. Definitely a top manner from a top celebrity!

So, which of these celebrities’ manner hands do you like the most? Share your thoughts below and in the meantime, why not click ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this article with your friends and family!


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