Have you heard of ‘Japanglish’ before? This viral music video will make you laugh


For English native speakers, going to the countries where most of the populations do not speak English can be quite challenging, especially when the countries use characters instead of alphabets like Japan!

Japan is well-known for its fascinating subcultures and unique alleyways where you could easily get lost in the mid of your exciting adventure. However, just in case you find yourself in need of direction from the locals, they are always more than happy to help you but there is a good chance that you might not understand their reply even if they try their best to speak in English.

Namewee is asking direction from a friendly Japanese

This is because Japanese people tend to speak English with loanwords that are heavily influenced with katakana characters.

In other words, words like ‘McDonald’s’ and ‘milk’ no longer sound like English words as they are pronounced ‘Makudonarudo’ and ‘miruku’!

But do not let this language barrier stop you from travelling to Japan as you can now easily master Japanglish (Japanese English) through this hilarious and catchy song that features popular English loanwords in Japanglish!

The song which is written by Malaysian singer and composer, Namewee, will teach you the famous Japanglish words in the most fun way as you enjoy the equally entertaining music video.

The music video which features Namewee along with singer Meu Ninomiya as Japanese high school student will guide you through the various attractions and cultures in Japan while learning Japanglish.

Even if you do not have a plan to travel to Japan yet, this music video will make you sing along to its catchy tune! So, why not watch the music video here

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