This pregnant lady was sitting next to the tiger’s cage when it suddenly approached her. What happened next is heartwarming


Animals often show evidence that they have a stronger intuition than humans. In many instances, animals prove that they have greater sight and hearing abilities compared to us humans.

Just like in this amazing incident which happened to a pregnant woman who got an unexpected attention from a tiger when she visited the zoo!

Pregnant Natasha Handshoe was visiting the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend during the zoo’s annual event, “Wine on the Wild Side” with her cousin, Brittany Osborne when the tiger snuggled against her belly

The unexpected warm reaction from the tiger was recorded by Brittany who first noticed how the tiger who was enclosed behind a glass cage behaved in a strange way as it kept brushing its head towards Natasha’s baby bump

Brittany then asked Natasha to stand next to the cage with her bump facing towards the tiger.

Surprisingly, the tiger then started to paw and nestle its head against the glass as if it was trying to snuggle Natasha’s belly

Amazed by the rare interaction, Brittany then posted the video on her Facebook and wrote: “We went to the Wine on the Wild Side event and this beautiful tiger knew that my cousin Natasha Handshoe was pregnant! The tiger was snuggling with her baby bump! It was the SWEETEST (sic) moment” 

What do you think of the tiger’s lovely reaction towards her baby bump? We are sure that the tiger was thrilled about the baby just like Natasha and Brittany!

Watch the video of the tiger trying to snuggle Natasha’s pregnant belly here

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