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Netizens hurl negative comments at this couple which they dub the real life “Beauty and the Beast”


Social media is amazing where people can share their opinions and post content that is able to reach millions of people within seconds. With this being said, there is also a downside of being on social media platforms because it can be a vicious and toxic place for some. This is especially true for a couple who have received many negative comments from netizens.

Every time Linh would upload a picture of herself with her boyfriend named Hai, she would receive a flood of critiques and negative comments from her followers. The haters would make fun of her boyfriend for being overweight and ugly.

Linh is quite popular on social media as she has over a total of 39,000 followers. When she posts photos of her boyfriend and her, they would receive a multitude of negative comments directed at her boyfriend. Linh on the other hand would be praised because of the way she looks as she is slim and fair with delicate features.

Linh is praised because of the way she looks whereas her boyfriend, Hai, is regularly mocked

“You’re beautiful but your boyfriend is so fat,” commented a Facebook user.

“You do not deserve an obese boyfriend,” said another user referring to Linh and Hai.

Some other netizens maliciously labeled the couple “Beauty and the Beast” and seriously questioned the legitimacy of their relationship.

Linh is popular on social media as she has over 39,000 followers

It is quite obvious that the couple is in love with each other and yet they continue to get attacks from rude and insensitive people on the internet. They also regularly get stared at in public.

The negativity surrounding the couple has not affected their relationship as they have only grown stronger over the past two years that they’ve been dating.

They often get negative comments on romantic photos of the couple

Linh has also been getting hate comments recently because people started to accuse her of being a gold digger as they believe the only reason she is with someone like Hai is because he is rich.

She had enough of all the negativity and decided to respond to these haters by telling them what made their relationship strong

In her recent post’s she explained that since she started dating Hai, she has never been more happy.

He is a wonderful person regardless of his body weight and physical appearance

“When two people are in love, weight and physical appearance do not matter” Linh said.

“What’s really important is how you are able to communicate with each other and match one another’s personality.”

The couple have been happily together for two years now

Linh and Hai are optimistic that their relationship will last for a long while. Good on them for ignoring all the haters and negativity online regarding their relationship!



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