Photographers thought this house was abandoned—but what they found inside was astounding


Have you ever wondered what one of those abandoned and long-forgotten houses looks like inside? Thanks to a few daring explorers, we get a sneak preview as to what one of these houses look like. That’s probably a good thing if you prefer not to step into a place potentially perceived as haunted.

In Ontario, Canada, a series of photos of an unknown abandoned house circulated the urban explorer community. The photos became popular because, unlike other abandoned places where everything is in disarray and full of broken things, this one still has everything the previous owner had owned. It’s just like the people living in it vanished into thin air. This photo series was called “The Abandoned Time Capsule House” because of the way things were left.

It sparked a lot of interest in the community, but the location of the place was kept secret. This led Freaktography to inquire and hunt for the location. With much investigation, the Freaktography camera man and a friend found the abandoned residence, and the photos they took are borderline eerie, but interesting nonetheless. The story has a surprising twist, however.

From the outside, this house just looks abandoned

Credit: ©Flickr | Nathan

There are obvious signs of neglect, normal for any house that hasn’t been occupied for some time 

What’s astonishing about this house is that there are still things that are of value. In this picture, a guitar and a full stereo system are still in place

In the same room, there is a dusty grand piano that’s still fully intact

It seems like someone has only just had a meal in the dining room

In the kitchen, we see an old fridge and a clean sink

The clock in the kitchen is stuck at 2:15

It’s like a symbol of how frozen in time everything else is inside this room.

The cabinets are tightly packed with stacked bowls and dishes

The top of the desk is kept in a neat condition, and things on the walls are kept in order

The bathroom looks like it was converted into a walk-in closet

It looks like someone or something knocked into the things here

The products in the drawers can give the observer some insight into how long ago the house might’ve been abandoned

The medicine cabinet is well-stocked

An old photo found in the house

Here we see the room reflected in a surprisingly clear mirror.

For a neglected house like this, you’d expect mirrors to be very dusty

The photographer commented that it seems raccoons had claimed the bedrooms as their own

There’s a study with walls covered in books.

The owner must enjoy reading

A relic from the past—a vintage adding machine

A closer look at the books reveals that the owner enjoys reading spiritual and self-help books

Another angle shows more books

From guitars, to a piano, now a gramophone.

The occupants enjoyed their music 

The photographer was tempted but didn’t try playing any of the musical instruments

One last look in the living room to show some sturdy, vintage furniture

Lastly, a photo of a clock stuck at 3:45, adding to that eerie feeling of being transported back in time, and of being frozen at that moment

Two years after posting these photos online, one Facebook user asked Freaktography: “Fascinating! Do you ever get to find out why the houses [sic] have been left like this? It literally looks like the family popped out and forgot to go back ….”

To that, Freaktography responded: “The woman who lived here moved out to care for a sick friend. Once he passed away the woman moved back, much to the surprise of a group of explorers who showed up one day to photograph the house.”

Now that’d be an interesting encounter…

Photo Credits:  Freaktography | Instagram | Facebook

Credit: NTD


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