Is it a DREAM? Single mom went to do house chores for client and then was given a luxury feast, massage and a Free House!


There are many people in this world that work hard just to make ends meet. Sometimes, even harder than the rest of us but they do not have other choices but to try to survive as days goes by.

36-year-old Cara Simmons (left) is one of them

Cara currently lives in Cleveland. She is also a single mother who has three children whom she raises alone.

Being a single mother is especially tough when she does not have any other qualifications or skills to get a better paying job than a cleaner. She could only rely on her cleaning knowledge and her bare hands to work as a cleaning lady.

Every day, she starts her day early in the morning as she has to prepare breakfast for her children and send them off to school before she goes to work. As soon as she arrives at her cleaning company, she will rush off to take her cleaning supplies and tools and go to the clients’ houses of which she is assigned.

Coupled with financial struggle and her deteriorating health, Cara often has abdominal pain and vomits blood due to the ulcer in her digestive tract.

Not to mention her constant back pain as she always bend down to clean up the toilets and the furniture

She often thinks about quitting her job as her health has gotten worse but thoughts about her children and how she needs to keep them warm and well-fed stop her from giving up.

Her sister, Glo notices how hard Cara works for her small family so she decided to do something for Cara in return for her perseverance and hard work

One morning, Cara was busy at her home when she received a call from her company telling her that she was assigned a cleaning job for a very important client. It was her day off but her boss kept telling her that the client wanted an urgent service and Cara was the best person for it.

So, Cara then went off to the client’s house with her supplies and tools, ready to clean up the house. Once she arrived, she rang the doorbell and a woman came out to greet her.

The woman’s name is Madeline

Madeline invited Cara to come in and asked her to put down her tools. To Cara’s surprise, the house was already cleaned as Madeline told her.

“The house is already cleaned but I just need you to help me with the party that I am going to throw this evening. Can you help me taste the food?” Madeline asked Cara as Cara followed her to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, there was a chef standing at the corner near the dining table, beaming with a smile as he saw Cara and Madeline walked towards the table

On the table, there was a delightful and luxurious feast of large lobsters, topped with fine and expensive truffles and variety of fine chocolate desserts and pumpkin cheese cake. All waiting for her to eat.

Cara who never had seen such an inviting feast felt like she was walking on the cloud when the chef asked her to taste the food and give her opinion about them.

“It tastes great,” Cara replied to the chef as she ate the food.

The chef flashed a proud smile as he left Cara to dine comfortably

Not long after that, the doorbell rang. Madeline then asked Cara to get the door. When she opened it, several young men came in with a massage bed, saying that it was for the party.

However, the masseur said that he and his team might need to warm up their fingers so he asked Cara if she would like a massage.

Cara who definitely in need of body massage agreed to the free treatment.

She just could not believe her luck that day! 

Before this, her typical working day involves with her wiping the table off, vacuuming the carpet and brushing the toilet bowl. That day, not only she has not cleaned anything yet, she was also given free meal and massage!

Confused with the sudden treatment, she is heard exclaiming in the hidden camera: “What is going on?”.

After the massage, Madeline led Cara to a walk-in wardrobe which was full with branded clothing for all seasons.

“These are the clothes that I do not need. You can take them away if you like,” Madeline said to Cara

Cara felt absolutely thrilled for the new clothes! She has not shop for new clothes for a while just so she could pay the rent and feed her children.

Now, she got an entire new wardrobe to herself!

After she tried on some coats, the doorbell rang again. This time, some removals men came in with some large boxes. Madeline then asked Cara to open the boxes.

When she opened them, she was surprised to see her belongings in the boxes! 

Upon seeing Cara’s shocked reaction, one of the removals men then said to her, “Don’t be surprised. These boxes belong to the owner of the house.”

“There in the yard, come out and clean it up!” the removals man shouted to the outside. To her surprise, she saw her three children and her sister, Glo came out of the removals van.


That was when she was handed the master keys of the house!

“There’s a master bedroom here, there’s a room for every kid,” Prank It Forward’s Greg Benson said after he took off his removal man disguise

“This is your home, you can stay here for your whole life, you can pass it down to your children, you can pass it down to your grandchildren, this is for you,” Greg continued telling Cara that was clearly overwhelmed with the surprise

She was lost for words when she heard the terrific news as she could only managed to say ‘Thank you’ while still trying to absorb the reality

Cara’s sister, Glo Nicholson said that Cara definitely deserves the wonderful surprise. “Cara is an amazing person, an amazing sister, she’s selfless, she works hard. She’d give you the shift off your back,” she said in an interview.

Cara’s boss, Mary Jo could not agree more with Cara’s sister. In fact, they were the ones who called Prank It Forward and nominated Cara for the grand surprise.

“She gives her all, to her work and her family,” Mary Jo said

“Cara has struggled…financial concerns…always trying to make ends meet.”

Luckily for Cara, the house is not the only surprise she received.

She was also treated to an all-inclusive trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to see the pyramids with his sister, Glo!

Cara said: “I remember living with my mom and dad when I was a child. I had a very happy family.”

“But then they divorced and everything changed as well. I moved out of that house but I will always treasure the happy memories we created as a family.”

“I have always wanted a home of my own. Now that I have my own house, I will be able to create warm and beautiful memories with my family”

What do you think of the grand surprise from Prank It Forward? Isn’t it nice?

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