10 pictures that will make you believe that true friendship really exists!


“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” quote Edna Buchanan which proves all too true as many people have friends they trust just as much as their family members. The bond of friendship is a precious one as it tends to only get stronger with time. Here are 10 amazing photos that show true friendship at it’s finest.

1. Sarah and her best friend, Sarah!

Sarah said, “This picture was taken when we were 9 years old. Now almost 20 years have passed and I still love it! Sarah is my life, I love her and she was the one who made me happy when I was in anguish. What’s most fun are our identical names, Sarah! ”

2. Carrie (right) and Shannon (left)

“Shannon and I have been friends since childhood. Although Shannon is 3 years younger than me, we have a lot of similarities.

However, when we got older we went to study at different schools. I then tried to find Shannon on Facebook and was successful. Our friendship is even stronger than before after we reconnected.

Nowadays we’re exchanging Facebook messages daily. I feel so lucky that my best friend has returned to my life.”

3. From Left to Right: Choy Peng, Young Ling, Woan Chyi, Win Son, Kok Wai

We call ourselves “THE GANG”. Some of us have been friends since elementary school and high school.

As we grew older, we don’t see each other as often as we’d like because we’re all busy with our families and careers. We do make an effort to keep in touch and occasionally we do go out to eat together or to celebrate a big birthday,” said Choy Peng.

4. Catherine & Ruth have been good friends for 15 years

“We have been friends since 15 years ago and we grew up together. We were always interested in the same things.

We worked hard in violin classes together and we used to stay up late when we stayed over at each other’s houses because we could not stop talking about our future. Although we are thousands of miles apart because we went to different schools, our friendship is still as strong as ever” – Catherine

5. Janna and Peggy, 50 years old

“We are of a different race, we have different careers and attitudes. However, we are still good friends. I love her and I’m very proud of this friendship. “- Janna

6. Esther and Shirley, close friends for over 75 years

“She’s like my sister. Every time we meet we will catch up on each other’s lives and families. We’ll laugh and cry together, we’ve been friends for 75 years. ”

7. Michelle and Marcy, good friend for 55 years

“We went to the same Hebrew school and we attended summer camps together. We become bridesmaids for each other’s wedding ceremony.

Although we have not lived in the same state since 1983, we are well connected and this friendship will last forever. “- Michelle.

8. Amanda, Eliza and Linetta

“We first met each other on the softball field. Since then, we hit it off and became really good friends.

Although we now live in different states (Utah, California and Arizona), we will still find a way to spend time with each other. Honesty and care are the main pillars of our friendship.”- Amanda.

9. 2 friends recreate a photo of them enjoying ice cream together

“This photo was taken to add our personal collection.” -Bryan.

10. Beverly and Renee

“As adults, we have shared a lot of joys together such as marriage, the births of our children, travelling and so much more. Now it’s time for us to take care of our parents who still live in our old houses.” – Beverly

True and great friends are hard to find so make sure you remember to appreciate the friends you have around you and not take them for granted.


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