‘World’s hairiest girl’ reveals new face as she finally shaves for the first time in 17 years


This teenage girl from Thailand once named ‘The World’s Hairiest Girl’ proves that true love still exists in this world. In spite of suffering an extremely rare genetic condition called Ambras Syndrome or also known as Werewolf Syndrome, this girl has recently got married to her husband and finally begins to shave for the first time.

Abras Syndrome is a form of hyperthricosis where the person affected has excessive hair growth beyond normal

Now that she has met the love of her life, Supatra ‘Natty’ ‘Susuphan, 17, chose to shave all of her facial hair. Susuphan who was first identified in 2010 to have the genetic condition was named the hairiest girl in the world by Guinness World Records. She has thick hair grows over her entire face, ears, arms, legs and back.

To this day, there is no ultimate treatment for her condition. She has tried using laser to remove the hair but she failed.

Supatra currently chooses to regularly shave her body and her face

In the past decades, people who have Ambras Snydrome were often branded ‘werewolves’ and shunned from the societies.

Luckily for Susuphan, although she got herself called names like ‘Wolf Girl’ and ‘Chewbacca’ at school, her family and friends always have her back.

In an interview with Guinnes World Records, Susuphan said: “‘I don’t feel any different to anyone else, and I’ve got lots of friends at school… Being hairy makes me special.

“There were a few people who used to tease me and call me monkey face but they don’t do it any more.”

“I’m very used to this condition. I can’t feel the hair as it has always been like this. I don’t feel anything”

“It does sometimes make it difficult to see when it gets long. I hope I will be cured one day.”

Susuphan shaved her body and her face for the first time after she got married to her husband.

Her social media feeds suggest that she is completely head over heels with her other half after she posted: “You’re not just my first love, you’re the love of my life”

This is such a happy beginning for this lovely couple! We hope that Susuphan and her husband continue to love each other unconditionally.

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