This man brought along Kim Jong-un’s photo and said :”I want Kim Hong-Un’s hair style”, and the result of the barber’s work made everyone laughed!


A few days ago, a Serbian netizen came up with a crazy idea and went to the barber shop. He brought along a picture of Kim Jong-un and requested a hair style of Kim Jong-un to the barber.

After cutting and trimming his hair, the end result was…

▼ Incredible hair tattoo of Kim Jong-un on the back of the man’s head

▼ This hairdresser’s name is Maria Hvala. He is well-known for his speciality in  shaving celebrity portraits on his customers’ head. Below are some of his previous works

Netizens commented that: “It looks too alike!” “What will happen if he were to visit Pyongyang?” “A sudden attraction has been created!” His hair tattoo ideas are definitely creative and they will surely attract a lot of onlookers!

What do you think of his hair tattoo? Would you like to get one in Kim Jong-un’s style?

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