These 10 photos show how babies react hilariously like an adult when things do not go their way


Babies are not only expert at making adorable reaction, they are also wonderful in expressing themselves in various funny reactions! Even at a such young age, these babies already know how to frown as if they have just gone through a long day at work or give their parents a long confused look. Below funny photos show the babies have actually shown their future adult expression way too early in their life.

#1 “Only 32 presents? That is three less than what I got on when I was born!”

#2 What do you think the baby finds so amusing at?

#3 “What are you thinking, buddy?”

#4 This baby looks like he is not impressed with choice of formula milk his mother gave him

#5 “Okay, back to our previous discussion…”

#6 Aww, he is not happy with his crib curfew

#7 “I already told you I don’t like my photo being taken without my permission”

#8 Oh no, the price of diapers has gone up again!

#9 This baby definitely seems to be thinking hard about his future

#10 With sleek hair and mature gaze, this baby looks like a future CEO!

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