This Thai lady who was an airplane mechanic passed her flight attendant test but her latest job as pilot awed everyone!


Being a flight attendant is a dream career as many beautiful and attractive flight attendants become quite popular on the internet. Recently there was a flight attendant from Thailand who suddenly became very popular and her story was an inspiration to all who read it!

Piyathida Suphasi from Thailand, 28, had graduated from the Engineering Department at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Prior to becoming a flight attendant, she entered the airlines as an engineer. She later decided however that she wanted to take advantage of her youth and travel all over the world.

▼ She and a friend of her’s went and applied for a job as air hostesses and they were accepted for the positions

After becoming a flight attendant for 3 years she yearned to improve her position and become a captain. Therefore during her spare time she was determined to improve her flying skills.

▼ She then accumulated her flight hours and obtained a variety of licenses

▼ After two long years of studying and training, she finally passed the various examinations and successfully became a flight captain

Currently, she is the captain of a commercial passenger plane. It’s standard route is from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

▼ She also has the capability of flying larger planes such as Boeings and Airbuses

▼ During one of her interviews she mentioned that: “Work is a process of learning but learning is definitely not a job. Although work can tire us but we must not yield to work fatigue. We must always put some time aside to learn and reflect, strive to change our current status and always be prepared for new challenges.”

Whoever said that a person can’t have beauty and brains can be proven wrong as Piyathida Suphasi has both. From being an engineer to a flight attendant and then finally achieving her goal of becoming a captain, Suphasi showed that with passion and perseverance, one can definitely achieve their goals. Her persistence in order to better herself is absolutely admirable. Let us learn from her and let her success be an inspiration to everyone!


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