Man explores an abandoned hospital alone and starts filming. Then, he heard mysterious cries from the third floor


One night, Joshua Goldberg was exploring an abandoned hospital to take some thrilling shots. The amateur photographer thought that he was alone at the long-forgotten hospital when he suddenly heard an eerie sound coming from Level 3.

That night, Joshua came to the abandoned hospital in the hope of finding some interesting pictures. He made his way to the inside of the hospital alone despite rumours saying that the hospital is haunted.

The hospital’s ceilings and walls were in total ruin with paint peeled off the walls and hanging electric wires

The hospital was basically empty except for the trash scattered around the spooky corridors and rooms, an old surgical lighthead

and a non-functioning morgue

As he got pumped up with the adrenaline rush as he went further inside of the hospital to film, he suddenly heard a distant cry coming from the a room on the third floor.

While most people would jump up and ran away at the spooky crying sound, Joshua, however decided to go on detective mode and went closer to the sound

As Joshua went closer, he realised that the sound sounded very familiar. His first guess was that a kitten was trapped inside somewhere and crying for help.

It turned out that his guess was right! A kitten was certainly trapped and crying for a help.

The kitten was stuck at the bottom of the heating ducts

“I realized there was a kitten trapped on the third floor”

“But couldn’t quite figure out where; at first I thought he was in the heating ducts,” Joshua wrote on his YouTube channel

Luckily, Joshua discovered the kitten just in time. However, his adventure did not end there as he was unable to reach the bottom of the heating duct.

Find out more on how Joshua managed to save the trapped kitten in the video below

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