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Bride frustrated to accidentally break her wrist a few days before her wedding but she did not expect what the groom did to her on their wedding day


Wedding day is one of the important days in a woman’s life so it is not a surprise that some bride-to-be plan even a year before their wedding to make sure the day will be perfect. However, there are times when luck is not on the bride’s side and things might not go as planned

Jaclyn Summer, 28-year-old bride from Summerville, South Carolina learned this the hard way when she broke her wrist ten days before her big day. However, it turned out the accident helped her saw the real side of her husband-to-be.

Exactly 10 days prior to the wedding day, Jaclyn was at home when she heard her dogs fought with each other and tore up their doggie beds. The 5-ft lady then tried to sneak up on the dogs to stop them from fighting but one of her feet tripped over a dog gate and fell down a flight of stairs.

The accident left her with a broken wrist and some nerve damage. The injury might be small but when it happened only a few days before her wedding day, it was considered the worst nightmare for the bride-to-be.

“I’m 28 and I’ve never broken a bone and literally a week before my wedding this happens,” Jaclyn said

Jaclyn’s husband-to-be, Jonathan Summers understood the situation and tried to lift his fiancee’s spirits up for the wedding. He said, “The stress of planning a wedding and the stress of this happening, it could really dampen the experience.”

As Jaclyn had to wear a cast around her left wrist, he wanted her to not feel any less special than she should be so he secretly made the entire wedding party wore ACE elastic wrist bandages!

Jaclyn had no clue on Jonathan’s secret plan until their wedding day. When they posed for their portraits, the wedding photographer asked Jaclyn to raise her bandaged hand. As she raised her hand, she heard Jonathan said, “I wear it better.” and saw him raised his bandaged wrist. To her surprise, all the guests then said “No, we wear it better” or “No, we do.”

Apparently, all the guests also wore a bandage on their left hand, just like Jonathan had planned

“It was really creative and heartfelt… It made me feel more like a princess on my wedding day,” Jaclyn recalled the sweet moment when she realised what Jonathan did for her. Even though her ring finger was too swollen to wear her wedding ring, Jaclyn remained optimist that the swell would reduce soon after the wedding so she could finally wear the ring.

What is more important is she is really grateful to have Jonathan as her life partner.

“I don’t think I knew how much I needed that moment… I was trying to get through all of it and deal with it and it helped me cope a little bit better,” she said

Now, Jaclyn knows for sure that Jonathan is indeed the right man for her! The accident was actually a blessing in disguise now that she knew her husband would do anything to make her happy.

Watch the happy couple’s video here

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Photo credits: Facebook | Jaclyn Summers



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