Frustrated teenage son destroyed a car and scratched his estranged father’s phone number on it. The reason is heartbreaking!


When his father had not come home for a few months, this son decided to do whatever it took to get his father to come home again and his plan was not the ordinary one!

On December 30, 2017, a teenage boy vandalised a car by scratching the side of the car with his father’s phone number so that the police would reach out to him and get him home

Apparently, the 17-year-old boy’s parents had divorced years ago and he is placed under his father’s custody. However, his father decided to move to Guizhou, China to conduct business in order to give his son a better left. Thus, the boy was left with his relatives while he was away.

As time went by, his father managed to become a successful businessman but he did not have time to visit his son anymore. The teenager did call his father a few times begging him to come back home after watching his friends living happily with their families but his father was too busy with his packed schedule.

To make up for his absence, his father gave him money for him to splurge around but the boy whose surname is Fan became more frustrated with his father’s act.

On that day, after spending some time in a cyber cafe, Fan was bored and upset as he looked around to vent his anger. Apparently, a black sedan caught his eyes and he punched the car but that did not damage the car that much.

Later, he took a brick and smashed the car’s windshield. His act had caused a hole in the rear windshield. He then scratched the bonnet and carved his father’s phone number on the driver’s side before he walked back home.

The next day, the owner of the car found out about it and lodged a police report about the vandalism.

The police then managed to contact Fan’s father through the phone number carved on the car

His father who was shocked with the police’s call at first thought that the vandalism might had been done by his son as he told the police to look for Fan, “Please look for my son, Fan. I’m 100% it was his job.”

It turned out that his instinct was true as Fan immediately admitted his act to the police.

It was understood that the boy was locked up for ten days for his vandalism and the great damage he had caused to the car. However, his father told that the fault was not entirely his as he had been a terrible father to Fan which contributed to him being delinquent.

“In the previous years, he would call me and ask me to go home, but I just couldn’t make it. So he’d create some problems to make me go back. But I didn’t expect him to make such a huge mess this time,” the father said.

The father then decided to move back to Zhejiang to spend time together with his only son after the upcoming Chinese New Year. Reflecting on Fan’s act, he said that although money is important, his son is priceless.

We hope the father-son duo could spend quality time together soon and that they could find out the best solution to live together as family again!


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