Top 12 situations that show how incredibly lucky people escape danger and bad luck


No one knows for certain what fate has in store and some people might not get lucky enough to escape from danger and bad luck even if they had taken all precautions beforehand. Meanwhile, these photos show how incredibly lucky these people are!

#1 This car managed to stay on the pavement although half of its body is hanging in the air

#2 Strategic parking: The trees fell just a few inches away from the car

#3 Imagine if the person accidentally stepped on the rusty nail for real 

#4 You should consider yourself lucky if you ever get in this situation 

#5 A whole new way of eating Cheetos!

#6 Obvious question

#7 Rare picture of where expectation looks exactly what it should look like in reality

#8 We wonder how the driver knew that the truck won’t get stuck in the tunnel. This is the level of confidence we should strive for

#9 Kit Kat without wafers? Well, if you love chocolate more than wafer, this is a dream come true

#10 This lucky man should be thankful to that glove 

#11 Definitely one in a million. Imagine how great it will be to see the seed this small every time you cut open an avocado

#12 The truly lucky one! This squirrel nearly greets death if the man cut through the tree lower than it was

What do you think of the extraordinary luck these people have? Had not the Lady Luck was on their side, they might have gone through worse incidents or just as unlucky as we ordinary people.

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