Southeast Asia experiences unusual cold weather as temperatures dropped beyond 20 degree Celsius in most regions


Temperatures across Southeast Asian region have dropped beyond the typical tropical temperatures as they observe non-stop heavy downpour and strong winds in recent days.

These regions observe usual hot weather turns chilly with the temperature dropped as low as 22 degree Celsius in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, 17 degree Celsius in the Philippines and Bangkok while other countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia experiencing unusual cold temperature. Ice slabs are also observed in parts of Myanmar.

Kids in Philippines enjoying the unusual cold weather

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Meanwhile, Bangkok’s Department of Drainage and Sewage told the Bangkok Post that the temperature in the city would likely to drop drastically sometime in the middle of next month. Thailand has been experiencing cold weather since December with fog being observed in its northern regions and frost forming on mountains.

In Hanoi, the temperature dropped to 8 degree Celsius, the lowest temperature recorded so far in the country’s history in winter

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In Cambodia, the chilly weather of this month does not call for a sweater as it did last month where there was a major drop in temperature. The Philippines has also been experiencing colder weather with the lowest temperature recently recorded was 12.2 degree Celsius in the northern city of Baguio.

Even though the temperature in Indonesia does not drop beyond 20 degree Celsius, the country is also reported to experience colder weather than usual in the Riau islands which is located nearby Singapore and in Nusa Tenggara Timur with temperature recorded between 23 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius in these places.

However, all other provinces are reported to experience normal temperatures according to Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency.

Malaysia is experiencing unusual chilly weather up to 22 degree Celsius. Locals are saying: ‘Wow, it’s Cold”! 

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While in India, the temperature is still in the normal range where temperatures in January dip lower than in December as usual. According to India’s Meteorological Department, the minimum temperatures in the northern regions remain between 5 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius and are expected to continue in the range until Monday.


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